10 posters everyone had on their bedroom wall

Nowadays, you probably have paintings and photographs, in frames, hung properly. But as teenagers, the first thing we saw every morning was a poster. Here’s some of the iconic bedroom wall art we remember…

84a1a5d9a630aeb5e8991a1bf0338529Athena man with baby (‘L’enfant’)

This was the shot that began the New Man revolution. The 1987 poster showed a topless male model cradling a baby, in moody black and white and sold 5 million copies. The model in question now works as a lawyer in Cyprus.

RDO04xlThe Kiss by Robert Doisneau

Another black and white classic, this shot by legendary French photographer Doisneau appealed directly to the romantic daydreams of millions of 80s teens. It showed you were a bit vintage and edgy, too.


Snoopy ‘happiness is a warm puppy’

An icon of the 70s, this Schulz cartoon was on every wall, T-shirt and pencil case for a while. Charlie Brown cuddling a surprised-looking Snoopy was the only bedroom decoration tweens wanted – till they moved onto boys.


Bob Marley

If you got through the 80s without seeing this on your boyfriend’s wall – or blu-tacking it up yourself ­– you were possibly living in East Berlin. Everywhere else, a shot of Bob Marley looking wise and noble was the poster that proved you cared about The Struggle.


Tennis girl

So much of a cliché, it was being displayed ironically by the end of its time in the (warm, evening) sun. The Athena poster of an attractive tennis player scratching her bottom (with quite a lot on display) was every boy’s 70s dream.


Matisse print

If you were a sixth former who wanted to prove your artistic, indie credentials, it was the law that you must have a Matisse poster. Ideally, a bright, primary coloured cut-out with some sort of exhibition dates under the poster. (No, you hadn’t ever been. OK, you weren’t really sure who Matisse was. But still.)


Che Guevara

The Cuban revolutionary was a fixture on the bedroom wall of every angry teen. Mainly because the poster looked great. And of course, most of us could easily have explained Cuban politics and exactly what he did. (Maybe.)


‘Hang in there’ kitten

The wry shot of a kitten dangling from a washing line, or branch, with the caption, ‘hang in there…’ well it spoke to teens of the 70s like nothing else. Especially when your homework was late, and even if David Cassidy had called, your Dad wouldn’t take the message.


‘Wired for Sound’ women

Another Athena classic, the poster of two women with coloured hair wearing headphones was, for a while, the coolest wall-art you could have. It took airbrushing to a new level. There was also ‘woman on a red phone’ and ‘woman kissing’ in the same, er, distinctive style…


Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

See also ‘Marilyn Monroe in the Seven-Year Itch.’ Having a black and white image from a 60s movie on the wall showed you were thoughtful, interesting and attractive. This also worked with posters of James Dean, Steve McQueen, and Betty Blue – which proved you were the coolest person who ever lived.



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  1. Julie Littlemore says:

    I remember some of these images well, youth of 70’s, puts a smile on my face.

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