Twenty years of the National Lottery

p00x1fnyThis Sunday, 25 May, marks the 20th anniversary of Camelot running the National Lottery. Here’s our guide to the National Lottery by numbers (although sadly we don’t have the winning ones)…

Odds of winning the main Lotto draw: one in 13,983,816 for the correct six numbers. Your odds of winning any prize are a more optimistic 1 in 54.

Most drawn ball: number 38 has been drawn most often for the main Lotto, and number 50 is most frequently drawn for EuroMillions.

Least drawn ball: number 13 is the “unluckiest” Lotto ball, with number 32 the least drawn for EuroMillions.

Highest unclaimed prize: £63,837,543.60. This ticket was bought in Stevenage and Hitchin for the Euromillions draw in June 2012, but the unfortunate ticket owner failed collect their cash prize.

Highest number of winnings in one location: £165 million. Romford has come out on top of the list of luckiest locations in the UK, with an estimated one in every 1,238 adults winning a prize of over £50,000 since the lottery began.

Number of millionaires created by the National Lottery: as of October 2012 the lottery had created 3,000 millionaires, who have won more than £8.5bn in total!

Percentage of big winners to keep their day job: A dedicated 19 % of the 3,000 millionaires created by the lottery chose to continue with their jobs. 59% quit straight away and 31% did unpaid voluntary work.

Amount of money raised for good causes: over £25 billion. 28% of lottery revenue goes towards the Good Causes fund, along with any unclaimed prizes.

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