2015 Makeup Trends and How to Achieve Them

Stylists these days have a wide range of avenues to give their hottest advice when it comes to makeup and looking fabulous. Whether that’s a passing tip from an employee at a cosmetics store, professional advice in a beauty mag, or a real world guidance from bloggers who went it alone and begun creating their own websites, women have a wealth of opportunity to stay on top of trends.

So with all this info in mind, we’ve hunted down this year’s makeup trends to collate the best of the best.

A Look at Lips

Gone are the days of glosses and shiny lip lacquer. In 2015, when you go matte, you won’t go back. We are also seeing a development in the Ombre look, which has evolved from a hair trend to a hyper-defined lip look. So this year, go for bold, just keep it matte. Finally, we are also seeing lip contouring. Like the foundation blending contouring that has been popular over the past few years to achieve an airbrushed look, lip contouring also works to soften your lips and to make them look full and plump.

Quick Tip

For a more intense matte look, brush powder or eyeshadow over your desired lipstick shade to increase the matte look. For Ombre, outline your lips with a slightly darker shade of your primary lip colour. For lip contouring, use a white or incredibly light shade of pink in the middle of your lips and fill in the remainder with a darker shade. Line and gloss for a finish of irresistibly kissable lips.

Expressive Eyes

Double liner flicks and graphic liner looks are being seen everywhere right now, making eyes a huge focal point. Particularly in a graphic liner cat eye, which gives the eyes an elongated look and a flirty feminine appeal that emphasises the lashes. We are also seeing colour on the waterline, which keeps things fresh and interesting. Pastel shadows are also big this year.

Quick Tip

There are many versions of this look out there, including a total reverse take with the upside down cat eyeliner. For a more dramatic look, stick with a liquid liner. To achieve the perfect winged liner look without all of the effort, clean up edges with a cotton swab dipped in petroleum jelly or makeup remover. You can also check out a step-by-step tutorial by Cosmopolitan.

Multi-toned Graphic Nails

Don’t let your hands fall into the background. 2015 is still seeing a huge focus on intriguing manicures, specifically multi-toned graphic nails, including half-moon manicures. We are also seeing a reverse French manicure with black tips instead of white, offering a stunning contrast and modern chic look to the popular understated look.

Quick Tip

Use tape to clearly differentiate lines and effortlessly achieve multi-toned designs without mess or fuss.

Be sure to put some of these trends into practice for a up-to-date and fresh look that will keep you feeling in vogue, but maintain some of your staple routine basics to keep you comfortable in your own skin.

For more visual advice, below is a tutorial for everyday makeup from Carli Bybel, one today’s most popular YouTube stars.

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