5 housekeepers we wish would move in

It seems that Kate and William are looking for a new housekeeper, to look after their Norfolk estate, order the groceries, and do a bit of light childcare and dog-wrangling. So we’ve come up with a few inspirational suggestions to guide their search…

1 Mary Poppins

Technically a nanny, but oh, so much more than that. Mary Poppins blew into the Banks’ household on a brisk East wind, and with a combination of magic, contempt and cunning, she entirely re-modelled that chaotic household for the better.

Signature skill: Tidying with one click of the fingers. If only…


2 Maria Von Trapp

She was a real person – but Julie Andrew’s version was surely the best nanny/housekeeper/singing nun in all of Europe. She whisked seven unruly children into shape, purely by singing songs, kept the schloss sparkling and persuaded crusty Captain Von Trapp to fall madly in love with her. (Though Kate might want to avoid young, singing housekeepers for that reason.)

Signature skill: Overcoming a childish fear of storms with song.


3 Mrs Doubtfire

She was a he – brilliantly portrayed by the much-missed Robin Williams, playing a divorced Dad impersonating an elderly Scottish housekeeper to spend more time with his kids. Of course, she sorted out the household like a dose of salts, and made everyone adore her – and though she was unmasked eventually, we’d still love her to be our housekeeper.

Signature skill: Heartwarming advice on divorcing families. And vacuuming.

Mrs. Doubtfire - Das stachelige KindermŠdchen

4 Mrs Bird

The tough-talking Mrs Bird, played by Julie Walters, keeps the Brown family in good order until Paddington turns up and gets marmalade everywhere. Not to mention the floods. She shows hidden depths, however, when she challenges a tough museum guard to a drinking contest – and wins. We reckon she’d be a lot of fun. But we might hide the whiskey.

Signature skill: Deep wisdom. And hollow legs.

mrs bird

5 Mrs Hughes

The Housekeeper of Downton Abbey, Mrs Hughes, played by Phyllis Logan, is very morally upright, and strict but kind. She has no time for nonsense, but she’ll always help a friend in need. She runs Downton with exquisite care and efficiency, and is fully versed in dealing with VIPS – so we think she’d make the perfect housekeeper for Kate and William.

Signature skill: Persuading Carson to do her bidding.


Who would you employ as your fantasy housekeeper? Let us know @candismagazine

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