6 ways to save money this Easter

It may not be as pricey as Christmas – but the Easter holidays can add up, with day trips, chocolate eggs and big kids’ movies hitting the cinema. So here’s how to be happy Easter bunnies without over-spending your Easter monies (sorry!)


1. An Easter egg hunt

Head for an organised egg-hunt, and if the kids find a few, you can save on chocolate. Cadbury are supporting the National Trust and National Trust for Scotland to bring Easter egg hunts to more than 300 locations around the UK. Find your nearest trail here

If you don’t fancy a big event, or the National Trust entry fee, invest £1 in a pack of mini-eggs, wrap them in foil, and hide them all over the house and garden. Hours of fun for very little outlay.

2.  Visit the cinema on the cheap

Kids love the movies but the cinema nowadays can cost a fortune, says Share Radio’s Consumer Champion, presenter Georgie Frost. “The good news is, it doesn’t have to. Most Cineworld Cinemas have movies for juniors in the mornings – this means you only have to pay £2 per child on selected movies,” she explains. Check the listings for morning movies, and (we didn’t say this) smuggle in your own snacks. £1 for a bag of popping kernels.

3. Don’t forget about free museums!

Even if you can’t make it to the biggies like the Natural History Museum and the V&A in That London, most towns and cities have their own cultural highlights including local history, science, transport and costume museums. Continue the fun by dressing up and watching a movie that’s related to the day’s activities – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for vintage cars, Honey I Shrunk the Kids for Science… it doesn’t have to be TOO educational!

4. Be tourists in your own city.

Research online to see what’s free, then draw up a programme of parks, attractions, amazing shops and unusual views, that as locals, you generally overlook. Pick four or five things to see and do, and take a picnic to eat somewhere you’d never normally go, because you’re too busy.

5. Borrow a pet!

Ask around to see if any pet-owning friends are going away and offer to have their beloved to stay. Most kids adore having animals in the house, and it’s a great way to teach them responsibility without the cash and long-term commitment of buying a pet of their own. (Though you may get a bit of begging afterwards…)

6. Join the library

If you have a local library – or even a mobile book van – join up. For kids reared on book shops, it can be hard to believe that they’re allowed to pick a pile of books to read for free! If yours aren’t the greatest readers, most libraries now also rent DVDs and CDs for much less than a rental shop – so there’s something for everyone.

Have you spotted a hidden Easter egg? Don’t forget to find all three and enter to win £100 here!

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