7 tips for buying the right sofa

Is your old sofa looking a bit tired and worn? Or maybe you’ve moved home and you’re ready to buy some new furniture for your new place. Either way, here are some handy tips for finding the perfect sofa.

1)     Match your sofa to the rest of your décor

When choosing a sofa, think first about the rest of your living room – which colours and shades would work well in the existing space? What colour are your curtains? What colour are the floor and the walls? Try to pick a colour scheme or a theme for your room if you don’t already have one. Matching your sofa to the rest of your décor will make a big difference. Try the British sofa and chair company Delcor who have 1000s of fabrics to choose from.

2)     Measure the space

Before you do anything else, measure the height, depth and length of the space where your sofa will sit. Corner sofas can be especially tricky because they are such an awkward shape. Custom-made furniture might be the answer, because you can choose the exact dimensions of your furniture.

3)     Invest in good quality

Everyone knows that mass produced items will fall apart after a few years, but a well-made sofa could potentially last you a lifetime. We recommend investing in a quality piece of furniture that will stand up to constant use. Buy your sofa from a company with a good reputation – try reading customer reviews and look into when the company was established.

4)     Choose easy to care for materials

If you own pets or you have visitors round regularly then it’s worth researching your sofa’s fabric. Easy care materials are more widely available than you might realise. Leather tends to be a good choice because it’s more stain repellent than soft fabrics, but you will need to look after it from time to time by waxing it. Thanks to modern technology, easy care velvets are now available too.

5)     Which kind of feet?

If you like to move your furniture around, then consider getting a sofa with wheels on the feet. If you have a carpet then wheels are a bad idea – they will dig into the pile and leave marks. For carpeted rooms it’s best to choose larger feet which will spread out the weight of the sofa.

6)     Add some interesting cushions

These are the finishing touches. Well-chosen cushions will make a beautiful sofa look even better. Definitely add some extra throw cushions if you are buying a fixed back sofa, it will make it more comfortable too. Again, think about a colour scheme and try to match your cushions with the rest of the room as well as the sofa.

7)     Prepare for delivery

If you are replacing your sofa then you will need to organise collection of the old item. Your local council will collect ‘large waste items’ for a fee. Second hand shops like Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation will also take old furniture.

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