Five 70s fashions… we can live without

The 70s are back this summer – flares, wide-legged trousers and platforms have stormed back onto the catwalk – but if you’re older than 30, it’s pretty certain you’ll want to be very careful about which fashions you resurrect. So here’s 5 to leave in the bargain bin… and what to wear instead.

high waisted flares1. High-waisted flares

These don’t suit anyone apart from 16-year-old Russian supermodels. And even then… there’s something about fabric straining over the hips, only to billow weirdly round the ankles, that makes the most svelte woman look like a trailing marquee.

Instead: a gentle boot-cut that sits lower on the waist is infinitely more flattering – even if it is a bit dull.


2. Mustard shades

Good in a condiment, terrible in an outfit. Almost nobody suits mustard – it’s a draining, dank yellowy-brown shade, like a London smog, and will drain all colour and life from your face the minute you put it on. Best abandoned, alongside polyester blouses and waistcoat skirt-suits in the bin of fashion history.

Instead: Coffee colours and cream shades are far more flattering – for everyone.

chunky platforms

3. Chunky platforms

Not flattering in any way. If you’ve got long skinny legs, you look like a golf club, and if they’re short and chunky, you look like a cartoon. High, heavy shoes also unbalance the wearer, as you can’t feel the ground under your feet, so are more likely to go flying. Plus, you’ll look like Elton John in his pomp.

Instead: A narrow platform and medium-height chunky heel is more elegant and less likely to break your ankle.


4. Fringing

Fringing is everywhere this season. But it’s very difficult to wear without trailing it in whatever you happen to be eating. Fringed cuffs may as well come with their own stuck-on dried cereal, while fringed jackets make you look like a Texan serial killer.

Instead: Nod to the look with a fringed suede shoulder bag- but make sure it’s well out of the way of any sliding train doors.


5. Maxi dresses

Every few years, the maxi dress returns. Fashion really is desperate to sell this deeply flawed concept to us. Which is fine if you’re over 6ft tall and have castors fixed to your feet. For everyone else, a maxi is the fastest way to look like a pepperpot.

Instead: Invest in a knee-length ‘midi’ skirt – all the 70s’chic, but you still get to have legs.

Images taken from Pinterest.

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