A day in the life of a GP…

Ever wondered just what your GP does all day? Dr Roger takes us through a typical day 

494308967One of the joys of being a GP is that there is no such thing as a ‘typical day’ – you simply never know what you are going to deal with, even after being a GP for a quarter of a century. There is, though, a rhythm to my working day, which usually begins around 6am with me checking my emails before taking my dogs for a brisk walk to wake me up and help me think about the day ahead, or any difficult cases I am dealing with.

I’m usually in my surgery by 8am, seeing patients until midday and typical conditions I would expect to see would include diabetes, heart disease, asthma, muscular problems and arthritis, stress-related issues and prostate problems to name just a few. If I am a duty doctor that day I see all emergency and urgent cases needing to be seen as well as dealing with phone calls, prescriptions, nursing and staff queries. Tea and coffee helps keep me going andas the senior partner in my practice I try to meet up with my practice manager each day to help deal with any management problems that may have arisen.

The modern NHS seems to require more and more meetings so lunchtime is often a sandwich in a meeting or in my car if I need to do home visits. My practice covers a large area so my car can sometimes seem like a second home! Afternoon surgery starts at 2pm and I’ll usually finish this around 6, unless I’m doing a late surgery, which runs until 8pm.

Most days I will also check and sign around 200 prescriptions, read around 100 letters, file or action around 70 test results as well as write referral letters, reports, insurance paperwork and general medical administrative work, so often find I am back at my desk late at night or at weekends in order to keep on top of this. Fortunately, I have a very understanding wife, who is also a doctor.


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