Are we just big kids at heart?

Grown-ups acting like big kids

Have you ever done any of these daft things?

A light-hearted look at the silliness we adults indulge in…

Licking the cake mix bowl, watching kids’ movies and pulling silly faces – they’re all some of the daft things adults have admitted doing when they think no one’s looking. It seems that two thirds of us feel like we’re big kids deep down and we can’t help
but unleash our inner child every now and again.

Many of us can’t resist going on roller coast rides, running away from the waves as they roll in on the beach and saying “Jinx” when two people say the same thing at the same time.

It seems dads are more likely to slide down banisters and whizz a trolley around supermarkets, pretending it’s a car. Mums, meanwhile, are more likely to splash in puddles and play on the swings in the playground.

And in fact, 40 per cent of the 1,000 UK parents who took part in a survey* for Panasonic said they’ve even been put in their place and told to “act their age”.

Here’s the top ten of daft things adults do

  1. Popping bubble wrap
  2. Trampling through snow
  3. Watching kids’ movies
  4. Kicking piles of leaves
  5. Licking the cake mix bowl
  6. Building a snowman
  7. Playing on a swing
  8. Pulling silly faces
  9. Having a water fight or a snowball fight
  10. Going on rides at theme parks

*Survey conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Panasonic to launch the new family camera and HD recorder ranges. Panasonic also have top tips on filming better family videos here.

So what about you? Have you ever done any of the above daft stuff? Or do you have your own secret silliness? Why not share it below or on our Facebook page!

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