Are you a Game of Thrones expert?

Struggling to fill a hole in your life since the end of series four? Get a quick fix and put your knowledge to the test with our Game of Thrones quiz.

  1. Game of ThronesWhat is Olenna Tyrell’s nickname?
  2. Who, according to legend, raised The Wall with the aid of giants?
  3. What was the name of the castle where Gendry and Arya were held prisoner in season two?
  4. What is the real name of the King Beyond the Wall?
  5. How many children does Eddard Stark have?
  6. What did Daenerys Targaryen name her stillborn son?
  7. What is the name of Jon Snow’s pet direwolf?
  8. Who do Brienne and Podrick meet at the Inn at the Crossroads in season four?
  9. Who said, “I made a promise to defend the wall and I have to keep it. That’s what men do”?
  10. Who is known as the Red Viper of Dorne?
  1. The Queen of Thorns
  2. Brandon Stark or Brandon the Builder
  3. Harrenhal
  4. Mance Rayder
  5. 6
  6. Rhaego
  7. Ghost
  8. Hot Pie
  9. Samwell Tarly
  10. Oberyn Martell

Low score? Brush up on your Game of Thrones knowledge with the season 1 catch-ups currently showing on Sky Atlantic. Episode 3 airs on 13 July at 9pm.

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