Are you making your hay fever worse?

186924538Few people realise that alcohol contains histamines, which cause allergic reactions and can exacerbate existing hay fever symptoms. The biggest culprits are beer, wine and cider, so if you still fancy a drink on a warm summer evening opt for a vodka, gin or white rum mixed with a pure fruit juice as they contain the least histamines.

And remember to follow all the usual advice about staying indoors and keeping doors and windows closed in the morning and late evening when the pollen levels are at their highest. If you do go outside wear wrap-around sunglasses to protect eyes from pollen.

Also if you or anyone in your family does suffer from hay fever avoid drying washing outside on warm summer days as the pollen grains will stick to the material and be carried back indoors.

If you want to get away from high pollen counts, head for the seaside as breezes that blow in from the sea tend to be relatively pollen free.

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