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We challenged three readers to Dare to be different in our October issue. After their marvellous makeover, we sat down with a cup of tea for a chat about their experience…

Who they are…

Cheryl Croker, 39, stepped back to the swinging 60s to discover vintage doesn’t mean old-fashioned

Nicola Donovan, 46, discovered her elegant ‘rock chick’ gene with luscious leather

Sue Bailey, 42, got ladylike in lace and changed her opinion of this delicate fabric

So ladies, what do you think of the results?

Cheryl: I love it! I had a fantastic haircut, wore make-up totally different to how I normally wear it and got to try flat pumps for the first time – groovy!

Nicola: I’m really happy with it – there wasn’t much change to my hair, but changing my parting to the middle instantly altered and updated my appearance, proving you don’t have to make big changes.

Sue: Yes, I love my look – it’s so glamorous. The outfit was completely different for me as I normally just wear jeans and flats. But look at me now!

What part of the day did you love the most?

Cheryl: My favourite bit was the end result, seeing Sue, Nicola and myself all dressed up and looking glamorous!

Nicola: I just adored the whole pampering experience. I don’t usually have much time to spend on myself, so it was very enjoyable.

Sue: Relaxing while having my hair and make-up done was my favourite part. I’m usually in a mad rush in the morning, so don’t get much time to worry about how I look! But it was all really exciting.

Have you kept your new look going?

Cheryl: I’ve found the hair manageable but I haven’t tried to recreate the make-up. The dress is something that I’ll probably wear, but I’m not sure if I will ever be brave enough to wear flat pumps again as I’m only 5ft tall!

Nicola: I kept the middle parting and recently had a trim to ensure I maintained the cut. The lovely make-up artists created a smoky dark eye, which was a bit of a shock when I first saw it – just because I wasn’t used to it. But I have managed to replicate a slightly lighter version. I have noticed there are lots of wet-look jeans and leggings in the shops… I may have to invest as this seems to be a real key trend for autumn.

Sue: Mine was not an everyday look, so I haven’t tried to recreate it yet… but maybe I will for my next night out!

Have you used any of the top tips from the day?

Cheryl: I’ve learnt to be bolder when applying make-up for special occasions and how to put different outfits together.

Nicola: To spritz hairspray lightly on my hair then smooth with my hand – this works well for those fly-away hair moments when you have just blow-dried in a hurry!

Sue: How to get extra body for different styles and nights out. I’m also looking forward to shopping with a more open mind in future and trying different styles and fabrics.

How did the new you go down with family and friends?

Cheryl: They all loved my hair and thought the make-up was very dramatic!

Nicola: My husband doesn’t usually like me in heavy eye make-up but this time he said I looked lovely, and my friends were very complimentary.

Sue: They thought it was very adventurous, very different to how I usually look, and they all loved it!

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