The Memory Chamber by Holly Cave

(£12.99, Quercus)

Set in the future – where the perfect heaven can be created from a person’s most cherished memories and their consciousness can be captured at the time of death and stored into an artificial afterlife – Isobel Argent is a Heaven Architect. It’s her job to take the chosen memories of her rich clients and design their everlasting heaven. It’s big business but available only to those who can afford it – or whose employers provide the benefit. When she falls in love with Jarek, a married and terminally ill client, she plans to create the most beautiful heaven possible for him. But when his wife is found dead, Isobel discovers the sinister side of the world in which she works. After his death, the police want to infiltrate Jarek’s memories and shut down his heaven. Realising she is a suspect for his wife’s murder, Isobel finds herself on the run, helped by a scientist and a police detective. Thought-provoking and totally absorbing, this is a mixture of clever science fiction and gripping thriller with a hint of romance. Try it!

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