Britain’s Getting more new Talent

While we’ve been hibernating, the reality TV juggernaut that is Britain’s Got Talent has been scouring the country looking for THE next big act to follow in the giant superstar footsteps of BGT alumni Susan Boyle, Paul Potts and Pudsey, the first canine winner. Having just finished its round of nationwide auditions, we can now look forward to the main event in April.

But first we thought we’d share some of the craziness in the run up to this year’s best-loved talent series…

The daddy of all shows

The audition judging panel went down to three temporarily when the usually surly Simon leapt into his private jet to be at the birth of son Eric. But will becoming a daddy bring out his softer side? Ant and Dec reckon not – he’s even grumpier if anything!

…and talking of babies

Simon was very impressed in auditions by unique dance group Sling Swing, who have their young children strapped to them in a sling. A little weird if you ask us, but hey ho, the new dad described it as ‘incredible’ – and if a dog can win BGT why not babies?

Ant gets the chop!

Don’t panic, the loveable Geordie hasn’t been axed – he managed to chop off the tip of his thumb with a vegetable slicer – while preparing best buddy and sidekick Dec a Sunday dinner. But ever the trooper and consummate professional, he made sure the show went on, and despite a trip of casualty, lots of pain and blood he still managed to get the meal on the table – eventually.

…and talking of injuries

Simon Cowell had a near miss after volunteering to take part in an 11-year-old knife thrower’s audition in Birmingham. The second throw sent the knife whistling perilously close to the music mogul’s shoulder and bounced off the board. And David Walliams had to come to Mr Cowell’s aid when he choked on one of his much-loved mints. Walliams leapt up, gave him the Heimlich manoeuvre and dislodged the pesky sweet. Sir Simon’s insurers must have been having kittens!

Golden ticket to success

This year’s show has a cunning twist – the golden buzzer – which gives each judge one chance to ‘golden buzz’ an act they really like straight through to the live shows without consulting the others. And we can reveal that Amanda is first to use hers.

Mum’s the word

Following in mum’s footsteps, the daughter of Corrie star Kym Marsh has auditioned for this year’s show. Sixteen-year-old Emily sang to the panel, cheered on by mum – who herself found fame in reality show Popstars – at the Manchester auditions.

Location, location, location …

The live auditions took in five cities Belfast, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and the final in London, of course – but no Scottish cities on the list… hmmm.

We’ll be the judge of that…

Ant and Dec stepped in as judges for a flu-stricken Simon in the Manchester heat of auditions, but they found it too hard to say no or buzz acts out – with David Walliams branding them too soft – ahhhh lads, wey aye, man up!

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