How to burn off summer treats!

Enjoy (and burn off) a little bit of what you fancy this summer with help from our handy guide to your favourite summer foods.


Long sunny days are finally here, and so are the barbecue invites! But how many calories does one burger (complete with bun and sauce) contain?


One medium homemade burger: 350 calories

How to burn it off: 30 minutes of spinning

Caramel frappuccino

It’s hot out and you really need a caffeine pick-me-up. A frappuccino seems the perfect solution, but for how many calories?

Grande caramel frappuccino: 410 calories

How to burn it off: 60 minutes dance aerobics

Pimm’s and lemonade

Summer is only officially here after you’ve had your first glass of Pimm’s, right? It’s just a drink… but how many calories in that glass?


Glass of Pimm’s: 150 calories

How to burn it off: 15 minutes of burpees (multiply by how many glasses you drink!)

Two scoops of ice cream

Ice cream is a must in summer months, so what can you do to enjoy the sweet treat without a topping of guilt?

Ice cream

Vanilla and chocolate ice cream: 290 calories

How to burn it off: 50 jumping squats (include 20 second rest in between each set)

Potato salad

The perfect accompaniment to a picnic in the park. But how many calories?


Side portion of potato salad with egg: 250 calories

How to burn it off: 120 kettlebell swings

Tips courtesy of Pamela Lai, Fitness Coordinator at Slice Studios in Parsons Green

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