Burns Night Feast

Venison-CasseroleIf you’re making our Burns Night feast and you’ve never cooked venison before then it’s worth understanding why it’s different from other cuts of meat – and following our recipe for perfect tatties and mash 

Venison is a virtually fat-free red meat that can be treated in pretty much the same way as beef and, like beef, it is often hung for a couple of weeks to improve its texture and flavour – it makes the meat taste less gamey.

Red deer and roe deer are the species commonly sold in the UK and it’s available almost all year round from good butchers, game dealers and deer farms.

Haunch or saddle are the best cuts for roasting and steaks and chops are best griddled or barbecued. Look out for cubed shoulder for our recipe.

Unlike beef the fat on venison does not improve the flavour, so you need to trim off any excess fat before you start to brown the meat.

No Burns Night dinner would be complete without the traditional tatties and neeps. We’ve put a bit of a twist on the traditional dish, just make sure you season well and serve with an extra few dots of butter melting over the top when serving.


Ready in 30 minutes

1.5kg King Edward potatoes, peeled and cubed

900g turnips, peeled and cubed

50g butter

4 tbsp cream


1 Place the potatoes and turnips in separate pans of water, bring to the boil and then simmer for around 20 minutes until perfectly tender. Drain the potatoes very well, return to the pan and heat gently for 2 minutes to drive off any cooking liquid. Add the butter and cream and mash until perfectly smooth.

2 Drain the turnips and mash, leaving them with plenty of texture. Spoon into the creamy mash and season well. Combine well and spoon into a warmed serving bowl.


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