Bye bye BMI?

Candis health editor, Karen Evennett shares the latest health update…

450795635Doctors could soon be ditching Body Mass Index (BMI) as a measure of patients’ obesity in favour of A Body Shape Index (ABSI), which focuses on tummy size as a health risk. A study of over 14,000 adults found that even those who are young and with a normal BMI may be at greater risk of dying prematurely if they carry a disproportionately high amount of weight on their midsection. People with ABSI in the top 20 per cent were found to have death rates 61 per cent higher than those with ABSI in the bottom 20 per cent – making it a more accurate predictor of early death than other commonly used measures of abdominal obesity, including waist circumference, waist to hip ratio and waist to height ratio. Calculate your own ABSI here ( The next step will be for scientists to find out what we can do to reduce our ABSI and live longer…


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