Celebrate World Gin Day

This Saturday, 10th June, marks World Gin Day and there is no denying that a glass of G&T is one of the UK’s favourite tipples, with over 40 million bottles of gin being bought last year – that’s enough to make 1.12 billion gin and tonics! To celebrate we’ve selected our favourite cocktail recipes, perfect for summer evenings in the garden. Once you’ve had taste of these, why not experiment and create your own, sharing them with other gin lovers using #WorldGinDay on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Gin Garden Martini


50ml Gin
12.5ml Elderflower syrup
50ml apple juice
1 inch of cucumber (plus extra to garnish)
Squeeze of lemon juice


  • Fill your martini glass with ice to cool it
  • Crush 1 inch of cucumber into your cocktail shaker, add the   elderflower syrup and squeeze of lemon
  • Pour in your homemade gin and apple juice
  • Fill your shaker with ice, and close it up tight
  • Shake until the outside of your Cocktail shaker has slightly begun to frost up at the bottom
  • Pour out the ice in your martini glass
  • Fine strain your cocktail into your martini glass
  • Garnish the glass with cucumber and ENJOY

Gin Berry Bramble


37.5ml Gin
12.5ml Disaranno
1 tbsp Brown sugar
Fresh Blackberries and raspberries
75ml Apple juice
Crushed ice
Squeeze of lemon


  • Crush in a handful of blackberries and raspberries into your cocktail shaker
  • Add the squeeze of lemon, gin, disaranno, sugar and apple juice.
  • Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and shake.
  • Shake until the outside of your cocktail shaker has begun to frost up at the bottom
  • Fill your glass with crushed ice and strain your cocktail over the crushed ice
  • Coat additional Blackberries and Raspberries in lemon juice, then roll in brown sugar
  • Garnish the glass with the Sugared berries and ENJOY

Summer Rhubarb


50ml Gin
12.5ml Rhubarb liquor
Fresh strawberries
Squeeze of lemon
Tall glass


  • Add the gin, rhubarb liquor, fresh strawberries and squeeze of lemon into your Cocktail shaker.
  • Fill your shaker with ice and shake.
  • Shake until the outside of your cocktail shaker has begun to frost up at the bottom
  • Fill your tall glass with ice and pour the cocktail in
  • Top with lemonade and see the two tone colours of your cocktails
  • Garnish with fresh strawberries and ENJOY

Recipes provided by MyVoucherCodes

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