Christmas feast shopping list

All you need for our festive menu

126434368If you’re planning on cooking our wonderful Italian Christmas feast in the December issue, here’s what you’re going to need…

Fruit and vegetables:

Apples (Braeburn) x 2

Beetroot 500g

Broccoli 250g

Carrots 1kg

Celery 1 head

Fennel 1 head

Figs 12 (plus extra for the Prosecco cocktails)

Garlic x 2

King Edward potatoes 2kg

Leeks x 5

Lemons x 4

Onions x 5

Oranges x 2

Parsnips 1 kilo

Pomegranate x 1

Red onions (small) x 20

Sprouts 500g

Sweet potato 500g

Turnips 400g

Wild rocket 25g


Bay leaves x 1 bundle

Dill x 1 bunch

Parsley x 1 bunch

Rosemary x 2 bunches

Thyme x 1 bunch


Butter 400g

Dolcelatte cheese 200g

Double cream 550ml (plus more for serving)

Eggs large 5

Eggs medium 3

Goats cheese 300g

Mascarpone 2 x 250g pots

Milk 600ml

Parmesan 50g + 2tsp

Pecorino 75g

Meat & fish:

Kelly Bronze turkey 5kg

Pancetta x 16 slices

Parma ham 2 x 90g packs

Salmon fillet x 600g

Store cupboard:

Balsamic vinegar, 3 tbsp

Black pepper

Capers, 1 tbsp

Ciabatta roll x 1

Dark chocolate 150g

Dark chocolate curls 50g

Dark rum or brandy 75ml

Dijon mustard

Fresh white breadcrumbs 175g

Golden caster sugar 100g

Icing sugar 2tbsp

Light muscovado sugar 100g + 3tbsp

Maldon salt

Olive oil, plenty

Panettone 650g

Pine nuts 50g

Pistachio nuts 100g

Plain flour 150g

Polenta (dried) 25g

Raisins 75g

Shortcrust pastry 500g

Soft brown sugar 2 tbsp

Sugar 1 tsp

Sultanas 125g

Sunflower oil

Vegetable stock 2 cubes

Vanilla extract

Wrights Premium bread mix 500g pack (see Rosemary bread recipe here)


Prosecco (for cocktails)

Cointreau, 100ml

Marsala wine 100ml

White wine 400ml

For the beef with gravy add:

Beef stock cubes

Crème fraiche 200g

Horseradish (fresh) 4 tbsp

Rib of beef 3.5kg

Red wine 300ml

White wine vinegar 1-2 tsp

For the sugar-glazed ham add:

Cloves x 8

Gammon joint (unsmoked) 2.5kg


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