Christmas tips and gadgets

We thought we’d share some of our Food Editor’s top tips, special ingredients and great gadgets to help your festive feast run smoothly!

Stainless steel potato ricer

If you haven’t already invested in one, a potato ricer is an absolute must for smooth and velvety mash. The trick is to ensure that your tatties are cooked to perfection before squeezing them through. Oxo Good Grips Potato Ricer, £23.99, is a dream to use.


Kuhn Rikon mandolin


Slice of perfection

Take the hard work out of slicing the veggies for our celeriac gratin and buttered cabbage with this very stylish looking quick slice mandolin by Kuhn Rikon, £12.95.



Digital thermometer from Lakeland

Hot stuff

For the perfect roast every time invest in a Digital Thermometer, £19.99. Simply set the desired temperature, insert the probe into the meat, close the oven door and wait for the beep! The digital display can also be used as a timer.




British Cassis by Jo HilditchLovely liqueur

If you fancy making our gorgeous Christmas gateau recipe in the December issue of Candis – and you can watch how here [link to video] – why not invest in a truly delicious bottle of British Cassis by Jo Hilditch? Made from pressed blackcurrants, Champange yeast and British sugar, this gorgeous blackcurrant liqueur is great for Kir Royales too. £15 for a 375ml bottle.



Edible stars in gold and silver

All that glitters

Really go to town decorating your puds this Christmas – we dusted both our Christmas desserts in the December issue with edible gold glitter, £2.40, and edible silver stars, £3.75. Or try Lakeland for similar products.



Roast goose Christmas dinner

Goosie gander

If you fancy trying out our goose recipe this year, Peach Croft Farm breed and raise wonderful free-range geese. They’re fed a natural diet and are free to roam around the fields and grassy paddocks, which is why they’re so delicious.

Top tips to make life easy…

  • Prepare the goose and get it in the roasting dish and ready for the oven the day before. Store in the fridge and allow it to sit out for 1 hour before roasting.
  • You will get a huge amount of fat from the goose, so keep draining as you cook and keep the fat for making the most delicious roast potatoes. Simply strain into sterilised jars and store in the fridge for 2-3 months.
  • Carving a goose isn’t as tricky as it may seem. Remove the wing tips (not really that good eating!) and then remove the leg joint. Cut into thigh and drumstick. The breast meat is much shallower than on a turkey or chicken so simply carve from the top downwards until all of the meat is removed.

For more Christmas food ideas, Look out for your December issue of Candis magazine arriving soon!

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