Colour Analysis: Which colour suits you best?

When you’re deciding on what outfit to wear, the weather, occasion and venue can all be important factors. But have you ever thought about your skin complexion? It’s something that you may have been overlooking, but could greatly improve your overall style. The idea of colour analysis is essentially that skin complexion, eye colour and hair colour are all contributing aspects in determining what clothing colours work for certain people.

The artist and University lecturer Johannes Itten realised in the 1940s that when he asked students to paint identical scenes, some chose ‘warm’ colours, while others chose ‘cool’ colours. He spotted that those choosing warm colours were generally those with bronze skin and blonde hair, whereas those selecting cool colours tended to be students with a more pink tone to their skin and with darker hair. Itten concluded that people were naturally drawn to their own skin complexion.

In fact, for a more visual clue to what colours look best for your body, StyleCaster have devised a neat little chart to help you out. There’s even some age-old tricks to assist in the decision making process, such as colour of veins, silver or gold jewellery preference, and the sun’s effect on your skin. Read about it in more detail

Fashion brands in general are wising up to the choice of colours desired by shoppers nowadays. Online retailer Peter Hahn is one of many sellers who are providing a vast range of colours on their products, thereby giving consumers the chance to find the styles they love in the colours that match to them.

The good folks over at Color Me Beautiful prepared a useful video (see below) on colour analysis and how it can work for you. After watching, you’ll learn about your own ‘personal colourscape’ and how your hair colour, eye colour, and skin tone can all affect and enhance the way you dress.

Finally, be sure to keep in mind what nail polish suits you best, as dazzling or sometimes subtle nails can be the final piece to your wardrobe puzzle.

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