Could acupuncture help your knee pain?

Candis health editor, Karen Evennett shares the latest health update…

126522713If you’re plagued with knee pain and trying to avoid taking too many painkillers, a natural solution such as acupuncture may seem tempting. But will it be a waste of time and money? Yes, say the researchers working on one recent study. They gave 282 chronic knee pain sufferers either acupuncture or a sham laser acupuncture treatment. After 12 weeks those receiving genuine acupuncture reported “modest improvements” in their pain level – but, nine months after the acupuncture was stopped, they were all in full pain again… This led the researchers to conclude that the acupuncture didn’t work. But – don’t give up hope just yet – these findings go against the results of a 2012 study of 18,000 patients, which concluded that acupuncture does help with osteoarthritis and other types of chronic pain. The key is to keep it up as the benefits accumulate with time. The bottom line: without resorting to surgery, most chronic pain problems can never really be permanently solved without ongoing treatment, and acupuncture is a drug-free solution for some.


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  1. Isobel Gilding says:

    I cannot recommend acupuncture enough although not for a knee problem. I was involved in accident 3 years ago & had injuries including a fractured pelvis. I suffered with lower back/hip pain for a long time afterwards until I was referred for physio & acupuncture – amazing. Now 3 years down the line I am still virtually pain free & really only ache when it’s really cold.

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