Five of the craziest household gadgets

It’s No Housework Day on 7 April – so what better excuse to put your feet up? Step away from the ironing, put down the duster and check out our list of bizarre inventions that might revolutionise the future of housework (or then again, maybe not)…

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Human-powered washing machine

2014’s Electrolux Design Lab competition gave us a glimpse into the future of healthy living with their innovative (and slightly bonkers) product ideas. Our favourite is the Wheel – a washing machine that doubles up as a treadmill, powered by the kinetic energy produced as you run. Talk about multitasking!

Hamster paper shredder

Want to tackle identity fraud, recycle paper and keep your pet happy in one fell swoop? Design consultant Tom Ballhatchet certainly did when he created an environmentally-friendly paper shredder for his masters degree in industrial design, which was powered by the motion of a hamster running on its wheel and generating shreddings that would fall into the base of its cage to be used as bedding. Win win!

Vacuum shoes

Back in 2005 Electrolux gave us hope that the end of old fashioned vacuuming could be in sight with the creation of their handy Dust Mate shoes – which collect the dust from your floor as you walk through an innovative and compact vacuum engine. While this invention has yet to be made available, we live in hope of a day we can walk, dance and skip our way to a cleaner home…

Cutting board bird feeder

Spanish industrial designer Curro Claret came up with a revolutionary DIY project for bird and sandwich fans – the Bird Crumbs feeder. The invention – which is essentially a cutting board with holes drilled in and attached by a hose to a food cup with perch – allows bread crumbs to fall through to awaiting birds, saving the busy homemaker a walk from kitchen to garden.

Baby mop

Tired of your little ones not pitching in with the housework? Get them a soft and cosy Baby Mop Onesie, which is covered in ultra-absorbent mop microfibres to give your surfaces a good sweep as your baby crawls across the floor. Best news? This one’s already on the shelves so you can snap yours up now! Available for £29.99 from

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