5 of the cutest puppies ever

It’s National Puppy Day on 23 March. We’re not sure if this means you should go and get a puppy – probably not if you haven’t planned it months in advance – or if it’s just a day to celebrate puppies, which we’ll happily do. So in that spirit, here’s some adorable little dogs we wish were ours…

1. Scared of his toy puppy

Life can be frightening. And so can weird, orange toys. This puppy needs a calming chat, and a lie down under his favourite blanket to recover.


2. Ridiculously tiny puppy

This puppy isn’t sure if it’s actually a very small dog, or a tiny horse crossed with a badger. And nor are we. But he probably wishes that hand would just go away.


3. Japanese cartoon puppy

If this puppy had an entire manga cartoon TV series based around its adventures, we wouldn’t be at all surprised. Having said that, what adventures could anything this small manage? Getting lost in a teacup?


4. Blow-dried guinea pig puppy

We’re pretty sure there’s some ears in there somewhere. But as this puppy is just eyes, nose and fur, they’re quite hard to spot. He’s probably the size of a 50p piece, too. One day, he’ll grow big and ferocious. Right?


5. Too-small-for-his-skin puppy

Alright, it could just be the breed. But it really looks as though this little dog hasn’t quite grown into his coat yet. His Mum probably bought it a couple of sizes too big, because it’ll be useful for school. That’s what ours did.


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