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It’s time to welcome the summer!

Dare to bare those legs

At last, it’s time to dare to bare! Beauty Editor
Justine Brennan shares her top beauty tips
for luscious summer legs…




Bare necessities for your legs


After what seemed like an extra-long winter, it’s time to welcome the summer with a de-fuzz. There’s nothing pleasant about waxing but there are ways to make it a little easier. Sugar or natural gels rather than wax are less painful ways to remove hair from the root – largely down to the fact they’re used at body temperature rather than hot and they only remove the hair and not the top layer of skin, as some waxes do. Try Parissa Sugar 2-in-1 Roll-on (140ml, £20.45) or Nads natural hair removal gel (170g, £10.20).

Top tips to make a wax less painful

  • Don’t have a wax in the days before or during your period – you’re much more sensitive then
  • Avoid caffeine, being hungover or overly tired
  • Wax short hair – long hair is much more painful
  • Breathe! Holding your breath will intensify the pain
  • Cough as the strip is pulled – it distracts from the sting!
  • Take ibruprofen 45 minutes before waxing, or try an anesthetic cream over the area you’re about to wax.

Prevent in-growing hairs

Massage legs twice daily with Parissa Azulene Oil (60ml, £8.19) and stop in-growing hairs in their tracks. We also recommend exfoliating any areas you remove hair from regularly too.

clarins Body Lift Cellulite ControlClamp down on cellulite

Research into cellulite has resulted in new cellulite control cream-gel Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control (200ml, £36). Eight plant extracts, including aquatic mint and celosia, target cellulite at all stages of formation. It prevents new cellulite building up and tackles pre-existing problems too.

Quick colour fix

Forgotten to fake it and want to reveal your pins? Make sure you have an instant tan lotion in the bathroom cabinet for emergencies. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (118ml, rrp £9.99) comes in three shades and is genius. Massage in circular motions all over your legs or arms for an instant, natural even tan that’s waterproof too. If you make a mistake, simply wash off with soap and start again.

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