Easy ways to afford a holiday

137389379Think you can’t afford to get away this year? Think again. You will be amazed by how much you can save with a few simple spending sacrifices…

Our daily coffees, weekly takeaways and ‘one’ down the pub all add up and by sacrificing these little luxuries you could still save up enough to afford a trip away this summer. Here’s our favourites:

18 takeaway coffees = drinking espresso in Pisa

Kick your daily caffeine habit and you could be drinking espressos in a Pisa cafe overlooking the Duomo. With return flights with Ryanair costing from £63.43, going without your morning coffee fix (at around £3.50 a pop) for just two and a half weeks could get you there.

Sacrificing 3½ bottles of fake tan = getting a real tan in St Tropez

Don’t fake it, bake it! For just three and a half bottles of fake tan (£20.43) you could be sunning yourself in our favourite fake tan’s namesake in the South of France, with flights to the French Riviera at just £72.16 with Monarch.

Sacrificing nine pints of Guinness = drinking the black stuff in Dublin

Why settle for second best when you’re just nine pints (and an hour and ten minutes) away from the real thing. Return flights to Dublin with Ryanair cost £39.01, which equals nine pints of Guinness in the UK (average cost £4.20).

Sacrificing 26½ almond croissants = enjoying breakfast in Paris

If you’re having a continental breakfast, you might as well have it on the continent. For the same price as 26 and a half almond croissants (£2.95 each) you could fly to Paris with easyJet for £79.03 and be enjoying breakfast in a patisserie in Paris.

Sacrificing 3½ takeaway pizzas = eating fresh Italian pizza in Rome

Resist a takeaway this Saturday night and you’ll feel guilt free on Sunday. However resist three and a half takeaway pizzas (£17.99) and you could be in Rome eating delicious pizza in its birthplace. Flights to the Italian capital start at £60.96 with Ryanair.

Sacrificing five and a quarter jugs of Sangria = getting tipsy in Barcelona

Feeling fruity? Instead of heading to the nearest Spanish-ish restaurant for some Sangria (at £16.95 a pitcher), get yourself to Barcelona for just £92.87 with Monarch, where you can lap up the sweet tipple along with some Iberian tapas. Did someone say fiesta?

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