FA Cup Final blunders

With the FA Cup Final kicking off this weekend, we look back at some of the funniest FA Cup Final moments on and off the pitch…

fa-cup-final-cover.ashxMedal mix-up

Despite winning the 1970 FA Cup Final for Chelsea with his extra-time goal, David Webb was refused entry by a steward to the team’s medal presentation. The reason for his exclusion was a case of mistaken identity, after Webb switched his shirt with a Leeds player and was thought to play for the opposite team.

Winning streak

Fans at the 2001 FA Cup Final in Cardiff got more than they bargained for when notorious streaker Mark Roberts took to the pitch. Roberts, who has streaked during the general election, at Wimbledon and on ITVs This Morning, ran on to the pitch at half-time at the Millennium Stadium, before being tackled by a steward and covered with a blanket. His stunt backfired on him as he was later taken to court where he was banned from all football matches for five years.

In need of a fix

One lucky young football fan had his dreams come true in 1976 when Jim’ll Fix It granted his request to make the FA Cup Final match ball. Unfortunately for him, things didn’t quite go to plan, as the ball sprung a leak in the first 10 minutes of the game and sadly had to be replaced.

Missing the mark

After attending the 1978 FA Cup Final between Ipswich and Arsenal as a guest of honour, Margaret Thatcher told Radio 2 that the player wearing the number 10 shirt, Trevor Whymark, had been her Man of the Match. However, despite clearly impressing Maggie, Whymark’s Man of the Match credentials may be called into question as he had been kept out of the team due to injury and had actually failed to play in the match that day.

The 2013-14 FA Cup Final will take place on Saturday 17 May, 3pm. Catch live coverage on ITV.

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