Fashionable Office Attire

Fashion in the workplace has changed dramatically over the years. No longer do office gals and guys have to dress in drab, unvarying shades of grey and brown. Gone are 70s-style outfits and the days of poorly cut and fitted uniforms which do nothing but stifle personal expression and creativity. The rules are starting to slacken and people are embracing tailored clothing that projects their sensibilities, as well as professionalism.


Office wear has become much more flexible, however, that doesn’t mean you can necessarily turn up to work in comfy slippers or flip-flops. An expectation of how one is meant to dress still exists, but the distinction of what is acceptable has widened considerably. The rules of work dress are infinitely more liberal than they once were.

The secret to taking advantage of this newfound expressionism, is to blend the traditional office attire with your own personal styles and flair. This obviously also depends on the type of office and environment you work in, but in general the same guidelines apply

Keep the tone of your outfits subtle, polished and refined. Your clothes don’t – and really shouldn’t – have to be loud.

Tasteful Tunics

If you’re tired of wearing simple blouses or lengthy dresses, then a tunic is a perfect compromise. Smooth, clean, and effective, something like Bon Prix’s simple piece in white should be a staple in your closet.

Tailored Trousers

Even a few years ago, there are likely women who wouldn’t be seen dead in trousers. However, they’re perfect in conveying elegance as well as hard-working fortitude, and are versatile enough to slot into most work outfits. Next has got you covered with a large and comprehensive array of trousers available in a number of different styles.


Accessorising is a great way to show your individual style and to accentuate any look. Keep up to date on trends with sculptural-looking bracelets and pendant necklaces, or perhaps decide on a gorgeous Cartier wristwatch from a place like this, that is timeless enough to complement any outfit.

Button-up Shirt Dresses

Opt for a basic and aesthetic button-up shirt dress from ASOS. Wear it with or without stockings, either look is elegant and formal enough to pull off in the office.

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