Feet first

Hidden away in boots and woolly socks our feet get forgotten through winter and that first outing in a pair of sandals is a sudden shock. Treat your feet to a D.I.Y pedicure and step out proudly this summer. Here’s how:

  • 482419479Use a foot file to buff away hard, dead skin. You’ll remove more dead skin when the feet are dry. Concentrate on the heels, balls of the feet and the edges of the big toes.
  • Remove old nail polish.
  • Apply cuticle butter to your cuticles and massage into the nail bed.
  • Either in a bowl of warm water or a home foot spa add an energising foot soak. Relax and bathe the feet for around 10 minutes. Add some marbles to the base to the bowl and roll your feet over them for a mini massage.
  • Next, using a foot scrub, get rid of even more dead skin by massaging feet and ankles – focus on the heels and balls of the feet then rinse.
  • Pat dry your feet and using the cuticle pusher or orange stick roll back the cuticles.
  • If nails are long trim with clippers, but never scissors which could tear the nails. Cut the nails straight across as rounded toenails can lead to ingrown toenails. Make lots of small snips, as one cut could break the nail lower down than you would like and will weaken the nail.
  • Smooth each nail and file into shape with an emery board.
  • As with the manicure apply a base coat to avoid stains and then 2 coats of a super, summery shade.
  • A fast drying top-coat will leave you flip flop ready in a flash.
  • Finish with an intensive, rich foot lotion, cream or serum.

Justine’s top tips

  • Get as much air to the feet as possible, socks and slippers can harbour bacteria, so as much time as you spend barefoot the better.
  • Thin soles of summer shoes lead to a faster and larger build up of hard, cracked skin on the heels, combat this massaging daily with a heel balm and regular foot filing. Try This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm, £16.
  • For dreamy soft soles slather on a thick layer of foot cream and slip your feet into a pair of cotton socks for an intense overnight hydration hit. Try Soap & Glory Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream, £5.50.



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