Real life neighbours from hell


If you had sympathy for the writer of our How to cope with difficult neighbours feature in the July issue, imagine living next to this lot…


Music malice

In a battle between warring neighbours in Minto, Australia, in May 2012, 29-year-old Mark Jorgenson’s arm was nearly severed by a chainsaw while Troy Thornton, 26, had a finger chopped off with a Samurai sword. The respective families admitted there was an ongoing ‘war’ between them, but this particular incident is said to have been sparked by a row over loud music.


Demolition man

A contractor in Seattle, USA, is alleged to have used his bulldozer to demolish two houses, flatten a pick-up truck and snap an electricity pole during a boundary dispute with a neighbour. Barry Swegle, 51, was held on suspicion of ‘malicious mischief in the first degree’ in May this year. One property was ripped clean off its foundations and shunted into a neighbouring plot. Amazingly, no one was injured in the wrecking spree.


Metal mayhem

An elderly couple took revenge on noisy neighbours in Stockholm, Sweden in April this year by playing Iron Maiden songs at top volume. The unnamed couple, aged 71 and 81, claimed their neighbours were so noisy the wife had to take sleeping pills to get to sleep. In revenge, the duo erected a sound system on their balcony facing their neighbour’s home and blasted out the heavy metal music until 4am. They were arrested and charged with harassment.


Video nasty

Landscaper Mitchell Igelko was arrested in October 2012 after a four-year campaign of terror on homes in Miami, USA. He is accused of throwing eggs, killing grass with chemicals and throwing nails on to driveways. His neighbours set up CCTV with night vision after a series of vandalism attacks and Mr Igelko was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and stalking. His lawyer says this is nothing more than an ongoing neighbourhood dispute and Mr Igelko has himself been victimised by vandals.


Ten-year war

Described by a judge as the “original neighbour from hell”, pensioner Dorothy Evans of Abergavenny, South Wales, waged war on her neighbours for ten years with everything from name-calling and flashing to driving at members of the Casa family and other physical attacks. She was jailed for six months in April 2007 at the age of 81 for harassment and six breaches of an Asbo. The following year she was banned from going within a mile of her home. Mrs Evans died in May 2011.

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