How to fix your holiday problems

We all look forward to our holidays, so it can be especially infuriating when things go wrong. Consumer watchdog Which? has some sage advice for common travel traumas

My package holiday has been changed – what can I do?

It is the responsibility of the company that provides and organises your holiday to ensure you get what you have paid for and sort out any problems. There are rules under the Package Travel Regulations (PTR) that travel agents must comply with. For more advice on this and for holidays that are cancelled, click here.

I used my mobile abroad but I think the bill is excessive – can I challenge it?

Data usage and mobile roaming charges are capped in the EU, so you shouldn’t be able to run up a huge bill on data charges alone. However, using the internet on your phone while on holiday can still be expensive, and if you’ve used your mobile regularly for this or for making and receiving calls, you may be surprised by a large phone bill. For more advice on mobile charges, click here.

The car hire company overbooked and I don’t have a car – where do I stand?

If your car hire company has overbooked and you’re left stranded, the company could be in breach of contract. You’re entitled to claim back anything you’ve already paid in addition to anything you have to pay to get what was promised in the first place. To find out more on this problem, click here.

For more holiday solutions from our panel of experts, see page 38 in the July issue

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