Food glorious food!

151680572This week sees not only the start of National Doughnut week on 10 May, but also National Sandwich week on 12 and, if that’s not enough, it’s Eat What You Want day on 11! To celebrate we asked the Candis team, if you could eat what you wanted all day, what would you choose?

Debbie Attewell, Editor – One of my dad’s Malaysian curry feasts with their selection of monkfish, chicken and prawn dishes to sample – so tasty!

Anita Comerford, Deputy Editor – Vermicelli with a spicy tomato and roast vegetable sauce – I could eat buckets of the stuff!

Helen Etheridge, Features Editor – Twice cooked chips with a Roquefort dip. So naughty, so nice!

Hannah McLoughlin, Features Writer – Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (too many nice flavours to choose from!)

Darren Appleby, Art Editor – Prawn pathia, every time

Alison Moffat, Deputy Art Editor – Veggie Thai green papaya salad and fresh coconut water – yum!

Tracey Pocock, Picture Editor – Pancakes with lemon and sugar. I used to make whole batches as a teenager before my mum got home from work!

Libby Heeley, Junior Sub Editor – Japanese food, every type!

Sally Evans, Editorial Assistant – Christmas dinner, roast turkey or beef with ALL the trimmings (pigs in blankets, carrot and turnip, sprouts, cranberry stuffing, roasties, gravy, Yorkshires)

Andrew Kinnear, Publications Technical Manager – Quality minced pork pie with mushy peas and mint sauce

Laura Ashworth, Digital Marketing Executive – Italian food

Robyn Barr, Digital Communications Assistant – Domino’s pizza, Mighty Meaty!

And here are some interesting facts about sandwiches and doughnuts to boot!

* The sandwich is named after John Montagu (1718-92), the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who started a craze for eating beef between two slices of toast

* Around 12 billion sandwiches are eaten every year in the UK

* People in Yorkshire spend the most on sandwiches – an average of over £114 a year

* The most expensive place to buy a sandwich is London – £1.83 versus a national average of £1.66

* Over 30% of all sandwiches sold have chicken as a filling

* Doughnuts meanwhile have a disputed history. One theory suggests they were invented in North America by Dutch settlers. In the 19th century, doughnuts were sometimes referred to as one kind of oliekoek (a Dutch word literally meaning “oil cake”), a sweetened cake fried in fat

* Hanson Gregory, an American, claimed to have invented the ring-shaped doughnut in 1847 aboard a ship when he was only 16 years old. Dissatisfied with the raw centre of regular doughnuts, he claimed to have punched a hole in the centre of the dough with the ship’s tin pepperbox, and later taught the technique to his mother

* To ‘dunk your doughnut’ was allegedly introduced as a trend after actress Mae Murray accidently dropped one in her coffee

* The largest doughnut ever made was an American-style jam doughnut. It weighed 1.7 tons, was 16ft wide and 16in high. It was made in Utica, New York, USA on 21 January 1993

* The record for doughnut eating is held by John Haight, who ate 29 doughnuts in just over six minutes in 1981


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