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Written in support of WWF, this book offers simple advice to help save the planet.

Ever since BBC Blue Planet’s special earlier this year highlighting the huge damage plastic has on our oceans and wildlife, people are becoming ever more conscious of how their everyday actions effect the planet. And while lots of books have been written in the past year about ways to cut down on plastic use, many of us are left wondering if small things like ditching straws can really make a difference to saving our planet. The World Wildlife Fund ( together with Penguin Random House have published a new book called 12 Small Acts to Save Our World that not only shows that everyone can make a huge difference to saving the planet, but also shines a light on small, easy changes we can all make to our everyday lives that together will help clean up our oceans, safeguard our wildlife and combat climate change.

Achievable and fun, this short and insightful book will inspire you to get involved to build a better future for generations to come. From easy tips range from why and how to eat more sustainably, why it’s essential we all use less water and great tips for how to do that, the secret things in your house that are using up energy like plugged in chargers and more. These small acts are basic steps anybody can take, and if even one of them sticks, our children will inherit a better world for it. The book also showcases some shocking facts about just how big an impact we’re having on the planet. For example, did you know that…

  • An average UK resident has more than double the average global carbon footprint
  • A third of all food produced globally is wasted, with food and agriculture also producing up to a third of all carbon emissions worldwide
  • To make a cotton T-shirt requires 2,700 litres of water – it would take you three years to drink the same amount
  • The average European citizen buys 16kg of new clothes a year, with 80% of clothes thrown away each year globally going to landfill

The biggest things we can do to help save the planet are small, easy actions in our everyday lives to combat these trends, all explained in the book. If taken by enough people, these small acts add up and can help save our wonderful planet.

12 Small Acts to Save Our World is out now, published by Century, £12.99.

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