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Ellen DeGeneres will host the 86th Academy Awards this Sunday 2 March, with Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sandra Bullock among the stars hoping to pick up a golden statuette. Test your knowledge of Hollywood’s most famous ceremony with our just-for-fun Oscars quiz…

Oscar-like Award1) Who holds the record for hosting (or co-hosting) the Oscars the most times?

2) Which Best Actress winner was left red-faced when she tripped over while picking up her award at last year’s ceremony?

3) Which 2003 film won all 11 categories it was nominated in?

4) Gwyneth Paltrow memorably sobbed her way through her Best Actress acceptance speech in 1998 – for what film did she win the award?

5) Titanic won 11 Academy Awards in 1998 – who directed it?

6) Only one man has won the Best Actor gong three times, for his roles in My Left Foot (1990), There Will Be Blood (2008) and Lincoln (2013) – what’s his name?

7) Which Icelandic songstress caused a stir by turning up at the 2001 ceremony wearing a swan dress?

8) In 1993, Streets of Philadelphia from the film Philadelphia, won Best Original Song, but who sang it?

9) In 2009, which Australian actor won a posthumous award for his role in The Dark Knight, following his death the previous year?

10) In 2010, Sandra Bullock won a worst actress ‘Razzie’ for her role in What About Steve, but also picked up an Oscar the same year – for which film did she win the Academy Award?


1) Bob Hope – 19 ceremonies. 2) Jennifer Lawrence. 3) The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. 4) Shakespeare in Love. 5) James Cameron. 6) Daniel Day-Lewis. 7) Bjork. 8) Bruce Springsteen. 9) Heath Ledger. 10) The Blind Side.

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