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  1. Karen Styling says:

    Our GP practice is excellent. You can ring anytime for an appointment and if none are available you can be seen as an extra patient. I have never felt rushed and my GP is understanding, approachable and comes out of the room to get her patients rather than just shouting “next” or having your number/ name flash on a screen.
    A lovely, friendly and personal practice.

  2. Jennifer Andrews says:

    Unable to answer the ‘GP appointment service’ accurately as my practice operates a ‘no appt’ system. You turn up when your GP is on duty & wait your turn. You never see any other doctor except when yours is on leave/sick. It’s a brilliant system, can’t understand why other surgeries can’t do the same. Sometimes you could wait an hour, another time you could be seen in 5 minutes.

  3. Dilys Oldham says:

    Very poor & biased questionnaire. Not really enough detail to give you any real information!!!

  4. Jackie Cooper says:

    I feel lucky to have one of the best surgeries in the county. I know many others not so fortunate

  5. Carol says:

    My GP was really good, knowledgable, friendly, approachable etc, but so many changes decided him to take early reitrement and since then it always feels like a rushed appointment – regardless of how long I have waited. My pet hate is trying to treat something myself or waiting to see if “it” will resolve on its own, then, when it doesn’t, going to the GP after a month or so only to be told to “wait and see what its like in two weeks time.” I’ve done that, thats why I’m here!

  6. Kay says:

    I have to ring at 8am for an appointment, by 8.10 they are all gone so you have to ring up the next day. I once tried to get an appointment for a few days without any success. I then decided to tell the receptionist what was wrong with me (a large growth in my throat) and was then given an appointment for 2 weeks time.
    I am now being treated by the hospital and never go near the doctor’s surgery unless it is absolutely necessary.
    There is no privacy in the waiting room the receptionist shouts out to patients about their illness.
    A few months back the surgery made a mistake on my prescription. When I pointed this out they were dismissive and unapologetic. I was told to come back in a few days for a new prescription. I take medicines that must be taken regularly; it was a good job I had a few days supply left!

  7. Margaret Cronin says:

    I am given the option of going to another doctor if my doctor is very busy, otherwise things run quite smoothly now. There has been a change where I ring up for an appointment between 8.30 and 10 am. I can also make an afternoon appointment with the doctor but with these appointments I can wait up to 3 weeks. That is not very good but the surgery does try. Also, the doctor you are going to see actually comes into the reception area and calls your name. I like that because my husband has problem with hearing so he always knows when it is his turn and also the doctor knows who you are,

  8. patrica rosler says:

    I am lucky to have an excellent surgery. If we can’t get an appointment we have a walk in centre which is also very good. Our surgery sees children under 5 or patients over 75 on the same day .Our receptionists are very helpful, discreet, well trained and friendly. I consider myself very lucky to have this and always treat all the staff and Doctors with the respect they deserve.

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