3 ways to cope with hay fever

Health editor Karen Evenett offers easy ways to feel better…


1. Relax… A bit of R and R can make all the difference to your symptoms – while stress can make matters so much worse, according to an Ohio University study. The stress hormone cortisol affects the immune system, so it is less able to cope with allergens like pollen – one reason you may seem to suffer more some years than others.

2. Ban the booze… Red wine is the worst culprit as it’s naturally high in histamine – the very substance that leads to symptoms. But even low-histamine alcoholic drinks such as whisky will have an impact. That’s because alcohol suppresses your immune system, making it harder for your body to fight an allergy.

3. Get ahead with your treatment… If you know you always suffer during the grass pollen season – which starts late May – get started on nasal steroid treatment before soon – the effects are cumulative.

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