Here’s why you should bath more

Everyone loves a relaxing bath – or do they? A recent survey found that a quarter of younger people have never had a bath. That’s right – never. We think that’s a terrible shame, so here are some great reasons to run yourself a soothing soak. And to start you off, we’ve got a bottle of gorgeous Olverum bath oil to give away – made with natural essential oils, and gorgeously scented with lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary.


Muscle relaxation

A short sharp shower is fine if you’re in a hurry, but if you’ve got time, a hot bath will ease your aching legs and back like nothing else. Like a massage, suspending yourself in hot water takes the pressure off painful joints and lets warmth penetrate into stiff muscles and ease them up.

Toxin removal

Soaking in hot water means you can get rid of toxins through perspiring – there’s nothing like a boiling bath to get you emerging pink and glowing, so make the most of the free steam-room and loofah your skin to a shine.

Mental calm

A shower is never going to give you headspace – it’s far too frantic. A bath by candlelight, however, perhaps with some gentle music tinkling in the background, and the rising scent of soothing essential oils (maybe even a glass of wine on the side) is like an hour in a spa, and offers a necessary respite from daily life.

Warming up

When you’re chilly, tired or ill, there’s nothing better than a warm bath to heat you up. Unlike a duvet, you won’t be hot at the bottom and cold at the top – it will just distribute lovely, even warmth through your body, dilating your blood vessels so you’ll be warmed right through.

2 Responses to Here’s why you should bath more

  1. Maureen Morris says:

    I really love a bath, with a book and bubbles. We went away earlier this year beautiful but no bath – I really missed it!

  2. katrina says:

    A lovely hot relaxing bath is just what you need after a long day at work and a trudge home in the cold, I always read my candis magazine whilst having one.

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