Hiring a car this summer?


The good news is that the paper counterpart part of your driving licence (NOT the pre photocard paper licence issued before 1998), but that bit you always forgot to take with you to prove that your licence is clean – is now obsolete, so you can shred it with impunity. If you need to pass on proof to an employer or a car hire company that your licence is clean you can do it online by downloading a code. NB the code is only valid for three days so if you’re planning a long trip or not hiring until you get to your destination, make sure you take a note of your National Insurance number with you. Don’t panic if you can’t find or remember your NI number when you’re on holiday – the quickest way is to check your phone for your payslips – it’ll be there, and usually in a readable form. Find out more about the DVLA changes here.

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