10 genius holiday hacks for a happy trip

Hopefully you’ve got plans to go camping this summer, or are lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere exotic – but are you guilty of over packing and find yourself paying extra at the airport for excess baggage? Or find that your sun cream has exploded everywhere? Are you always the one eaten alive by mosquitos?

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Fear not. Peter Cue from comfort-insurance.co.uk shares his holiday tricks to save you time, money and your sanity…

1. Plan your wardrobe

Be realistic about how many outfits and pairs of shoes you will actually wear while away. Plan your outfit combinations and stick to it strictly when packing.

2. Roll your clothes rather than fold

Did you know that rolling your clothes decreases wrinkles? To completely avoid creases in your clothes you need to pack your attire in a dry-cleaning or plastic bag. No need to worry about not having an iron at hand!

3. Keep sun cream separate

It’s happened to most of us – you’ve opened your suitcase to find your personal belongings are soaked in cream. To prevent this from happening, keep sun cream in a separate compartment to your clothes or wrap the bottle in a tight-sealed bag. Food freezer bags are ideal.

4. Take several plug adaptors

Plug adaptors are like gold when travelling. Having more than one also saves the hassle of waiting for your phone to charge while needing to use your hairdryer – which is pretty frustrating!

5. Bring a torch

You never know when you might need one. To get extra light in your campervan, strap your torch to a jug of water to fill the entire room with an ambient light.

6. Use pill boxes to store ingredients

If you find yourself cooking food by a campfire but can’t go anywhere without your beloved salt and pepper, store your spices in empty plastic pill boxes. No mess and easy to take with you everywhere!

7. Disguise your valuables

If you’re heading to the beach or off on a hike, put your money and keys in a lip balm case or empty water bottle to prevent them from getting lost or stolen.

8. Keep mosquitos away

Baby oil is a brilliant mosquito repellent. Slather it all over your body to save yourself from any bites. Deodorant is a fantastic skin soother for when you get bitten by bugs. Gently apply your roll-on to your skin to prevent yourself from scratching.

9. Foam floor tiles when camping

If you’re sleeping on the floor in a tent or a campervan, make sure you bring foam floor tiles to add extra comfort to your sleeping arrangements. You’ll thanks us later!

10. First-aid kit

Plasters, antihistamine, pain killers or Berocca – you never know when you might have an emergency on your hands. Always pack and bring your first-aid kit wherever you travel.

6 Responses to Holiday hacks for a happy trip

  1. Maureen says:

    Loved the hints for mosquito avoidance of being hired.

  2. Katy Wood says:

    Thank for your help very useful information

  3. Leslie Pearson says:

    Great hints for going on holiday. I shall now roll my clothes and take baby oil for mosquito bites. Thank you.

  4. Jeannie says:

    Take a few copies of your passport page and carry one with you in whatever bag/jacket pocket you use. Many countries require you to have ID with you at all times, and you can also be easily identified if you are suddenly taken ill.

  5. John Chick says:

    If you colour your hair keep the little plastic container the gloves come in. Holds quite a few denture tablets if only going away for a few days.

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