How much of a Bond fan are you?

The latest James Bond film Skyfall starring this month’s cover star Daniel Craig is in cinemas now. But how much do you know about the 007 movies? Try our fun quiz and find out…

Daniel Craig stars as superspy James Bond in the film Skyfall

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall – but how well do you know your Bond?

1. Why does the film Never Say Never Again differ from the other Bond films?

2.  Skyfall will see Judi Dench play M for the 7th time – who played the character previously?

3. Six actors have played James Bond so far, but which of them was the oldest to play him?

4. Bond producer Cubby Broccoli ordered the creation of the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios for The Spy Who Love Me – how big is it?

5. Gadgets are a big feature of Bond films, but what was the first gadget used in a 007 movie?

6. Brit star Adele sings the theme to Skyfall, but which Bond theme was the first to be nominated for an Oscar?

7. James Bond gets to drive fabulous cars like the Aston Martin DB5, but what unlikely getaway vehicle did he have in Octopussy?

8. What was the first scene filmed by Sean Connery as Bond in Dr No?

9. Of the six actors who have played Bond, two were not born in the UK – who are they?

10. Bond author Ian Fleming also wrote another book that was turned into a film – what was it?

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1. It wasn’t made by EON Productions, who have made 23 of the 25 cinematic Bond films. It starred Sean Connery and was released the same year as the official Bond film Octopussy, which starred Roger Moore.

2.  Bernard Lee played M in 11 Bond movies over 17 years – the same amount of time Judi Dench has played the part but for fewer films.

3. Roger Moore was 58 while filming A View To A Kill in 1985.

4. It is 5,481 sq m (59,000 sq ft) and has been used for other films including Mamma Mia!, Lara Croft Tomb Raider and The Da Vinci Code.

5. A Geiger counter in Dr No, which Bond uses to scan a boat for radioactive rocks.

6. Live And Let Die, sung by Paul McCartney and Wings for the 1973 film of the same name.

7.  Bond (played by Roger Moore) and his sidekick escape through the streets of Udaipur, India, in an auto rickshaw or tuk-tuk.

8. In Kingston Airport Bond throws a hat in front of his face as he walks past a photographer.

9. Pierce Brosnan was born in Ireland and George Lazenby was from Australia.

10. He wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: The Magical Car for his son, Casper, which was turned into a film musical starring Dick Van Dyke.

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  1. Ewan S Fallon says:

    The best ever Bond was the one and only Sean Connery

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