How to spatchcock a chicken

If you buy your chicken from a butcher they’ll do it for you. If not, here’s how to do it yourself

spatchcock-chicken1 Place the chicken breast side down on a chopping board and cut out the backbone with sturdy scissors. To do this, start on one side of the parson’s nose and cut along the entire length. Repeat the cut on the other side of the parson’s nose to remove.

2 Turn the chicken back over and open it out so that it’s skin side up and quite flat. With the heel of your hand, firmly press along the length of the middle of the breast bone – you’ll hear a crack as the chicken opens out and flattens.

3 Run two skewers diagonally across the chicken, starting at the breast near the wing, across and down to the thigh or leg. This will help keep the shape.

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