How to stay slim on holiday

Enjoying the last bit of the summer holidays? There’s a good chance you may be enjoying it slightly too much, as according to a new survey by Maalox Plus®, most Brits ditch the pre-holiday diet before we’re on the plane. Six weeks before going away, 64% of us attempt to tone up or lose weight, dropping 6lbs on average – but as soon as we get to the airport it’s all over. A hefty 31 % admit to stockpiling sweets and snacks for the plane and 29 % can’t wait to crack open the wine, beer or champers. No wonder the weight’s back on before the tan.

So here’s 5 ways to stay slim (ish) on holiday – without feeling you’re missing out…

1.     Buy snacks before you go

Airports are like a non-stop buffet of delicious pastries, baguettes, fry-ups and beer. The whole idea is to fuel you up before you get on the plane – and unless you’re careful, you’ll be sucked into a full English and a croissant basket before you can say “delay.” Stock up on snacks before you leave home, and you’ll have a choice of far healthier foods. You can take your own snacks on the plane, too, and avoid calorie-bomb packs of Pringles (unlike the Prime Minister.)

2.     Say no to nibbles

Holidays are all about indulgence…so when the handsome barman slides a dish of olives alongside your crisp white wine, it’s easy to plough through those, a bowl of crisps and a large glass-ful of salty nuts before you’ve even looked at the menu.

But a handful of peanuts is around 180 calories – the equivalent of four butter pats – while ten olives packs an extra 100 calories without you feeling a thing. So drink up without eating up.

3.     Eat 3 meals a day

Holidays are prime grazing territory. A mid morning biscuit with your coffee, a decent lunch, an ice cream on the beach, pudding after dinner… it’s easy to spend all day nibbling away, moving from one micro-meal to the next. But you could be absorbing around 3000 + calories a day from all the extra snacks and treats, so aim to stick to just 3 meals a day and avoid snacking in between if you’re not hungry. And if you do have that ice cream, maybe you don’t need a pudding too…

4.     Get up and go…somewhere

Fly and flop holidays are wonderful – but the clue’s in the name. If you’re spending a full week on the beach, you’re giving your body no chance to work off the extra food and drink. So build in a little time to take gentle exercise- whether it’s swimming a few lengths of the pool rather than bobbing about with a noodle, or walking to the old town for dinner instead of taking a cab.

5.     Watch the wine

Hidden holiday calories are lurking in the drinks you knock back. While at home, your alcohol intake may be restricted to Government guidelines (more or less) being away is likely to up your intake of wine, beer and spirits, with an aperitif here and an after-dinner drink there. A bottle of wine contains up to 700 calories, while a pina colada packs around 425 – two of those and you’re on the way to half your daily allowance. Alternate with sparkling water, or have a day or two off during the week.

6.     Be breakfast-aware

At home, breakfast might be a piece of toast or a bowl of cereal. On holiday, it’s like a Willy Wonka extravaganza every morning, featuring a starter of yoghurt, granola and fruit, a middle course of croissants and jams, and finishing with a cheese and ham platter, rolls and more cream in your coffee. A buffet breakfast is hard to resist – but unless you want to ingest the entire day’s calories before 9am, try to limit yourself to just one breakfast course. That way, at least you’ll have room for lunch.

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