How well do you know Dolly?

Dolly Parton in Candis

It’s time to test your knowledge on our cover star

Country queen Dolly Parton is our cover star and celebrity interview in the May issue of Candis. With legions of fans worldwide
as well as right here in the UK, we thought you might test your knowledge about the multi-talented singer…


  1. Dolly first appeared on the Grand Ole Opry when she was 13 – when did that country music show first begin broadcasting?
  2. Dolly was one of 12 children – how many brothers and sisters did her parents have?
  3. Dolly is behind reading scheme the Imagination Library, which began in the US in 1996 – when and where was the first UK scheme set up?
  4. Dollywood first opened in 1986 when Dolly became co-owner – but when did the park first open and what was it called?
  5. What famous animal was named after her?
  6. Dolly’s first feature film was Nine to Five (1980) and she received nominations for which awards?
  7. The film’s title song, written and performed by Dolly, was also nominated for awards and was a hit across the world – what number did it reach in the UK charts?
  8. Dolly dueted with Kenny Rogers for Islands In The Stream – what other duo recorded it as a charity record and which famous stars appeared on that version?

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  1. The country music stage concert began broadcasting on 28 November 1925.
  2. Her father, Robert, was one of 15 children and her mother, Avie, was one of ten.
  3. The scheme, which sends a free book to under-fives each month, launched in Rotherham in 2007.
  4. It first opened in 1961 as Rebel Railroad and featured a steam train, a general store, a blacksmith’s shop and a saloon.
  5. Dolly the sheep, the first officially cloned animal.
  6. She was nominated for Golden Globes in the categories Best Actress and New Star of the Year.
  7. Surprisingly, considering its popularity, it only reached No 47 in the UK charts.
  8. Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon released a version of the song in 2009 for Comic Relief, entitled (Barry) Islands in the Stream. It featured Tom Jones and Robin Gibb as backing singers.

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