5 inventions we couldn’t live without

There’s a lot to be said about the technological advances of the 21st century – some great, some not so great. We’ve had a quick round-up of some of the best inventions of the last 20 years – things we simply couldn’t live without.

Apple iPod, 2003

Apple Announces iPod Upgrades

These days, it’s hard to spot a person who isn’t sporting two white strings coming out of their ears. The Apple iPod was a revelation for music fans all over the world. Before its invention in 2003, we would thoughtlessly carry around our chunky CD Walkmans in hand, along with a repertoire of music stored in a bulky, rather unattractive wallet. The introduction of the iPod meant we could now store thousands of songs on one tiny gadget! How did we ever manage without them?

Sky Plus, 2002

sky plus

It’s hard to imagine a time when we allowed our television sets to dictate what and when we watched things. Today we take to our sofas – no matter what date or time – and indulge in whichever highlights of the week’s entertainment we so desire. We press pause, rewind and fast forward straight through the adverts, all at the press of our trusty Sky Plus remote control.

Before its invention in 2002, TV viewing was completely different. Who can remember endless arguing about who gets to watch what, or the ultimate dilemma between going out and having a social life or staying in to find out what happens on EastEnders?

Skype, 2003


If you’ve ever had a friend or family in a faraway place, or if you ever spent a long time away from home, you’ll appreciate how valuable the introduction of Skype was to our lives. Before 2003, letters and expensive phone calls were our main sources of correspondence and the face of your long-lost loved one would be a distant memory. Now though, things couldn’t be more different! Not only has Skype allowed us to keep in touch with whomever we want, wherever they may be, for absolutely free – we no longer have to go a day without seeing the face of our loved ones! A timeless novelty, thank you Skype!

Facebook, 2004

FACEBOOK n_1234209334_facebook_logo

It’s the thing we all love to hate, yet could never dream of living without. Facebook has become more than just a means to keep in touch, it’s now a way of life for its billions of users around the world. Facebook has turned into the main platform for debate, picture sharing, news reading and so much more – it’s hard to imagine a time without it.

DVDs, 1997


Ah, remember the good old days of the VHS? Inserting your videotape into the player and pressing play, only to discover the last person to use it failed to rewind it – the frustration you would feel! Or what about having to sit through all of those sincere warnings from the FBI before the film started? Not to mention the horror of somebody accidently overwriting your favourite movie. All these things – thankfully – became a thing of the past with the creation of the DVD in 19

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