Ten top tips to beat the January blues

Even the most cheerful people can feel a bit down in the dumps after Christmas.

The cold, grey days and post-Christmas indulgence puts a strain on our waistlines and bank accounts, leaving us feeling sluggish and underwhelmed.

The New Year can be the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf and look ahead with fresh optimism. But research has showed that nearly 90 per cent of people will fail to stick to New Year’s resolutions. So it’s no wonder our mood can be low in January. But don’t despair – here’s our top tips for ensuring a fresh new start in 2016 that won’t break the bank…

1. Get active

After weeks of indulging in festive food and alcohol it’s no wonder that many feel lethargic when the New Year comes around. If joining an expensive gym isn’t an option – go for a run, take up a sport or go for a brisk walk in the country to help get back into shape.

2. Take a trip

Once the memory of Christmas has faded it’s important to have something to look forward to, whether it’s a weekend away or even a short break in the UK. Take advantage of rail card offers to keep your bank balance in check.

3. Eat well

Forget fad diets and gruelling detox regimes – adopting a healthy balanced diet and eating treats in moderation will provide a more realistic and achievable lifestyle for 2016.

4. Be sociable

Whether it’s seeing friends and family more, or getting out and about, one great way to beat the January blues is to spend more time with loved ones, and even make some new friends in the process.

5. Get a good night’s sleep

A sure-fire way to feel better about the New Year is to catch up on sleep. Establishing a regular pattern of seven to eight hours per night and keeping bedtime and waking times consistent will help recharge the batteries.

6. Save money

Many Brits feel the financial strain of the festive season, so keeping an eye on spending can really help keep the bank balance in check. Put a bit of money aside each week to help keep on top of finances after an expensive Christmas.

7. Have a day out

From museums and art galleries to theme parks and castles, the UK has lots to offer for a great day out. Take a walk in the countryside or visit one of the UK’s many free attractions for a trip that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

8. Take up a hobby

A new year is the perfect time to take up a hobby or try a new experience. Whether it’s horseriding, Zumba or mountain biking, there are hundreds of fun activities that can be done on a budget.

9. Be positive

It can be difficult to feel positive in cold, grey January, but smiling can help lift moods and spread positivity to others. Starting the morning with a smile and a stretch can set the day off on a positive note and help bring a little happiness to the New Year.

10. Treat a loved one

Whether it’s a luxury spa day, a trip to the theatre, or an exciting weekend away for two, treating a loved one to something special can help anyone forget their January blues.

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