The 5 best Joan Collins moments ever

She’s one of our favourite National Treasures – and Joan Collins is once again in the news. Last month she became a Dame, and she’s also currently starring as the Queen Mother in brilliantly trashy drama The Royals. Not bad for 81. Here, we take a look at Joan’s most iconic moments…

joan collins

1. The court case

Back in 1996, Joan was sued by publishers Random House. After giving her a $4 million, two-book deal, they claimed her submitted novel was so bad it was ‘unreadable’. They wanted the advance back – but the judge ruled in favour of La Collins, and requested an extra $1 million on her behalf for the work she’d done. Since then, she’s written six best-selling novels…

2. The fishpond

As Alexis Carrington, the evil glamourpuss at the heart of the glitziest soap of the ‘80s (yes, it was even glossier than Dallas) Joan came into her own. There were many iconic moments as she wrestled Krystle Carrington over their shared love of human Ken doll Blake – but the best was when they both fell into an ornamental fishpond, mid-catfight. And she still looked great.

3. The swing

Joan’s career included some rather racy moments – none more so than when she starred in The Stud, opposite 70s’ playboy Oliver Tobias (a man built from wing collars and leather pants). Her most memorable scene was soaring above a swimming pool on a flower-bedecked swing, wearing only stockings and some very tiny black pants.

4. The Queen Mother

Brilliantly cast in trashy, soap-tastic new drama The Royals, (E! Entertainment) Joan plays Queen Elizabeth Hurley’s Mum, “the Grand Duchess Of Oxfordshire” (we didn’t have Grand Duchesses in Britain, but we do now), and steals every scene. “The character I’m playing is actually the one in control,” Collins explains. No surprises there.

5. The chocolate bar

We love a bit of self-mockery in Britain – and Joan knows it. So she camped it up wildly in the Snickers campaign, which required her to play the diva alter-ego of a hungry rugby player and snarl, “Zip it, shrimpy.”

We don’t know if chocolate bar sales went up, but our respect for Joan definitely did.

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