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Avoid unnecessary and nasty eye problems by taking care over how you apply make-up….


Eyesight has been voted* the nation’s most valued sense and, to coincide with National Eye Health Week (21-27 September 2015), the College of Optometrists is issuing some practical advice to help ensure the millions of make-up wearers across the UK minimise the potential harm to their eyes. “The human eye is pretty resilient, but poor hygiene can lead to unpleasant infections,” says clinical adviser Dr Susan Blakeney. “And the modern-day phenomenon of applying make-up on the journey to work undoubtedly increases the risk of scratching your cornea.”

Any product applied to the eyelids or lashes, including eye make-up and make-up remover or cleanser, can potentially affect your eyes, so here are Dr Blakeney’s top tips:

Get the basics right

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before applying eye make-up or contact lenses. Avoid touching your eyes wherever possible.

Keep an eye on the expiry information

A survey of UK make-up users by the College of Optometrists** found that over half (53%) don’t check the instructions to see how long they should keep their mascara for, with almost a fifth (19%) admitting they didn’t even know that expiry information even existed on such products.

Have a look for this information, usually shown on the eye make-up packaging, and try not to use it beyond that period if possible. Throw it away immediately if it changes consistency or colour, or if you notice a strange smell.

Don’t apply on the go

Although we often see people expertly applying their makeup on their way to work, optometrists often see patients who have sustained a corneal abrasion or damaged their cornea (the clear, protective covering at the front of your eye) by accidentally poking themselves in the eye with a mascara wand during a sudden bump or jolt. This can be very painful, and may leave your eye more vulnerable to infection because the surface is injured.

Keep it to yourself

You wouldn’t share your toothbrush with anyone else, yet over half (53%) of 16-24 year olds admitted to sharing their mascara with friends and family!

Make up and contact lenses

It’s best to put your contact lenses in before you put your make up on. Water-soluble – rather than waterproof – make-up is preferable as if it gets into your eye it will dissolve in your tears and not get trapped under your contact lens. You shouldn’t wear eyeliner on the ‘wet’ part of the edge of your eyelids, as it may block the glands that produce part of your tears. Instead, you should put it on the skin, outside your lashes.

Remove eye make-up at the end of the day

Ensure that all eye make-up is removed at the end of every day to minimise a build-up on your eyelid.

Copy courtesy According to The College of Optometrists

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