LEAF Open Farm Sunday

Celebrate farming with LEAF Open Farm Sunday on 27th June when farmers across the country will once again open their gates for a national celebration of farming and all it delivers. 

Visitors are able to discover at first-hand how farmers support our wellbeing – through their care of the environment, the sustainable production of our food and the management of the countryside. LEAF Open Farm Sunday is a unique opportunity to meet our farmers, and to see and hear about what goes into producing sustainable, climate positive, nutritious food.  The public can find out about how seasonal summer crops like potatoes, asparagus, raspberries, salad, vegetables and brassicas are grown, how farmers are managing resources like soil and water and learn how staples like meat and dairy produce get from field to plate. Farms of all types and sizes will be opening their gates, with a host of activities planned such as guided farm walks and nature trails, tractor and trailer rides, and displays of modern, high tech farm machinery.

As well as producing the food we eat, farmers are also the custodians of our countryside; from footpaths and hedgerows to woodland and meadows, it is the farmers we have to thank for maintaining Britain’s’ wonderful landscape. Visitors to a LEAF Open Farm Sunday event will be able to learn more about this work, direct from the farmer themselves.

For a list of farms taking part, visit www.farmsunday.org

To avoid overcrowding, this year visitors will be asked to book to attend events beforehand. If on-farm events cannot go ahead, LEAF will organise a day of vir­tu­al farm tours online. Please check the website for details and follow LEAF Open Farm Sunday on social media to keep up to date with what is happening on farms across Britain throughout the year.

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