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Inspired by this month’s feature on simplifying your life? We’ve found a few more ways to steal more time for living the life you want to lead

Have a clear out

Decluttering, whether at home or the office, means you will avoid wasting time rushing around trying to find what you need.  Be ruthless – work out what things you either love or use and discard, sell or donate the rest.

Get organised

Keep like with like, so all spare lightbulbs, pens, batteries, etc should be stored together and where you can easily find them when you need them. Put items in the rooms where they are used and as close to the place they get used as possible – so, for example, cutlery near where you eat, glasses near your sink/dishwasher.

File it away

Do you know where to get your hands on your last credit card statement? A neighbour’s mobile number? Your car insurance details? Use a filing cabinet, a calendar, a personal organiser – whatever works for you – to keep all this info together so you can find it in an instant.

Take a media detox

Take advice from the feature in our October issue, Is no news good news?, and leave your mobile at home for a day. If that’s too hard, put it on mute and only answer any calls if you really need to talk to the person calling. Resist the urge to check texts, Facebook and Twitter too. Experts estimate you’ll gain back a minimum of an hour a day.

Ask for help

We’re not superhuman, and our family and colleagues are not psychic – if you need practical help, ask for it. Most will be only too happy to oblige. And if you can afford it, it’s okay to pay someone to help with the chores.

Leave gaps in your social diary

Don’t have all your weekends mapped out months in advance or it will begin to feel like your social life is just another chore to tick off the to-do list. Leave space for spontaneous activities – or even doing nothing at all.


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