Looking back

As promised we’ve more wedding snaps and memories from our lovely readers, we hope you enjoy looking at them!

Jimmy & Rita Watson Wedding photo

My parents, Jimmy and Rita Watson, were married on 2 June 1951 at Christ Church in Whitehaven, they had one little bridesmaid. They met at a ‘dance’ as teenagers. Dad was a coal miner and mum worked in a local factory making uniforms. My parents went on to have two sons and three daughters, twelve grandchildren and one great-grandchild – so far.

Both my parents have sadly passed away, dad in 1985 and mum two years ago.

Anita Dutton, Cumbria

Registry office Newcastle

A registry office was the venue my parents’ wedding in Newcastle, 1960. When they arrived at the wedding reception nobody knew mum was the bride because she wasn’t wearing a wedding dress! Mum’s parents were newsagents and so they had to get married on Boxing Day, the only convenient day for them workwise, fortunately the registry office was open.

Jacqui Sclanders, Lincolnshire

Mandy Cooke wedding

My husband, Alan and I were married on 21 September 1985 at King’s Road Methodist Church in Kingstanding, Birmingham. Alan was in the Boys Brigade and I was a member of the Girls Brigade – as we came out of church we had the most wonderful surprise because we were met by this fabulous Guard of Honour!

Mandy Cooke, Birmingham

Page boys sleeping

Shhh…the sleeping pageboys in this picture are little Jamie, two and a half and Ryan, aged three. They were as good as gold throughout the long exciting day of my wedding – but the evening do was all too much!

Karen Atkins, Wirral


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